About Us

About Us

The story began when a curious young boy named Maverick, the son of the founder of Maverick’s Macarons – Michael,  was sitting at his Grammy’s kitchen table, asking questions about the food she was preparing specially for him. Although he loves playing outdoors and running around like all little boys, there’s nowhere he’d rather be than sat at the rustic wooden table in Grammy’s kitchen, watching (and sometimes pestering) her as she works her culinary magic.

A meal at Grammy’s is more than just a way to satiate your hunger. It’s an experience: heart-warming comfort food created using international ingredients and techniques, all prepared with real love and served alongside a generous helping of tales about the charming people, the wonderful places and the fascinating events that Grammy came to know and love during her trips around the world.

Every cake, sausage, pastry and macaron that Grammy makes comes with a side order of a much-cherished memory, fueled by the adventures of Maverick’s well-traveled and equally curious Grandmother.

Grammy has been cooking and baking all her life, way before she was ever called “Grammy”. She learned all her kitchen talents from her mother, who learned them from her mother and so on. But where most home cooks would be happy to stick to the traditional recipes as they have been for generations, Grammy never likes to keep things so simple.

An avid traveler who can never stay in one place for too long, Grammy combines her family’s tried-and-tested recipes with what she’s learned from her international adventures, creating her own one-of-a-kind recipes that never fail to impress the family, friends and strangers who pass through her homely kitchen.

While everything that Grammy prepares is reliably delicious, her macarons are truly out of this world. Light-as-air almond-scented cookies sandwiched together with a heavenly smooth ganache or buttercream, her delicate and dainty macarons are where her cooking skills really shine.

Maverick thinks so, too. Whenever a batch of macarons suspiciously goes missing from Grammy’s kitchen, we can always be sure that they’ll somehow end up in Maverick’s favorite hiding spot.

When Grammy first started talking about wanting to share one of her yummy creations with the world, it was a no-brainer that macarons would be the sweet treat of choice. After decades of working on her family’s recipe and countless trips to Paris to savor the crisp, elegant macarons made by the masters, Grammy developed the perfect recipe that today we call Maverick’s Macaron.

Inspired by Maverick’s curiosity to learn about his Grammy’s colorful, exciting past and lovingly crafted by a passionate home cook, eager to share her finest culinary work with the world, every Maverick’s Macaron is designed to bring people together to chat and share. Whether you share a box with your closest family and friends around the dinner table or give a box to a neighbor as a special birthday gift, we hope your Maverick’s Macarons will inspire you to really connect with others, just as they do to us.

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